Who is Glycol, Incorporated? Glycol, Incorporated is a manufacturer and distributor of glycol based fluid products.  Glycol, Inc.™ is committed to consistently offering quality glycol based fluids derived from the most environmentally friendly processes available.  Glycol, Inc.™ also strives to provide superior customer service, streamlined order management, and increased logistical efficiency to its clients.  Glycol, Inc.’s products are used in global industries including food and beverage, HVAC, process cooling and heating, aerospace, plastics, oil and gas, and many others. Our Experience: Glycol, Incorporated’s team has many years of experience designing systems requiring glycol based fluids.  Glycol, Inc.’s fluid specialists can evaluate your application and recommend a suitable fluid product and concentration for your application. Locations: Sales, Operations, and Marketing offices are located in McKinney, TX, while its main fulfillment warehouse is located in Burkburnett, TX.