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ChillerGlycol™ DF1 and  BoilerGlycol™ DF1 are high purity inhibited propylene glycol heat transfer fluids.  Both products are comprised of a USP-Certified (food-grade) base propylene glycol and a proprietary food-grade corrosion inhibitor package.  They have been designed with longevity in mind.  In addition to providing freeze protection and temperature stability, they are formulated to protect corrosion of piping and line components constructed of brass, bronze, copper, solder, steel, cast iron, aluminum, and many more alloys.  


CHillerGlycol™ DF1

ChillerGlycol™ DF1 is the most versatile glycol product for use in commercial and industrial chiller systems.  It can be used in any and all chiller applications including brewery, winery, distillery, chemical, CNC, concrete production, laboratory, medical, plastics, and anodizing/plating applications, just to name a few.


BoilerGlycol™ DF1

BoilerGlycol™ DF1 protects your commercial boiler system from corrosion while providing beneficial lubrication, fluidity, allowing adequate temperature stability.  It is perfect for boiler applications in food grade applications due to its USP-Certified base propylene glycol.


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purity is longevity, QUALITY IS CONSISTENCY

  Glycol, Inc.’s glycol products are of the highest certifiable purity (assay) available in the marketplace.  This is accomplished through stringent manufacturing quality standards and testing protocols.